“École universitaire de recherche: ArTeC” presented by Le Poullennec and Karsenti


Presentation Title:

  • École universitaire de recherche: ArTeC




  • ArTeC’s main goal is to facilitate the long-term cross-pollinisation of arts and sciences (particularly the humanities and social sciences) in education and research. ArTeC focuses primarily on topics and methods based on practice-based research and research-creation, as well as how creativity and art interact with the use of digital technologies, and what hybrid forms and theories this can bring to light.

    For this short presentation, we propose to outline ArTeC’s main missions for its first five-year term (2018-2023) and well as goals and orientations for the second term (2023-2028). We hope that this paper allows for a conversation around the articulations and symbioses between research and creation that underpin the ISEA2023 symposium.