EEG Data in Interactive Art


Session Title:

  • Bodies as Bio-Interfaces

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  • EEG Data in Interactive Art




  • The intention of this paper is to reflect about the interaction of music and/or digital media with data from brainwaves obtained from performers or an audience via the usage of an EEG interface. This creates dynamical systems1 -as defined by Abraham and Shaw – for interactive performances and/or installations.

    It introduces a brief historical overview about the usage of EEG data in interactive art, presenting examples from performances and installations produced in the past 45 years, such as Alvin Lucier’s piece Music for a Solo Performance (1965), David Rosenboom’s piece On being invisible (1976-7), Mariko Mori’s Wave UFO, (1999–2002) and my audiovisual performance INsideOUT (2009), all of which are based on biofeedback methods developed from the late 1960s.

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