“Electronic Art in Brazil: Exhibition Spaces, Museological Strategies and Digital Archive” presented by Arantes, Cuzziol, Rocha, Santos, Fraga, et al. …


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  • Electronic Art in Brazil: Exhibition Spaces, Museological Strategies and Digital Archive




  • This panel intends to discuss operational strategies for public and private exhibition spaces, proposed by artists, curators, professionals in expography and museology in the field of Brazilian Electronic & Digital Art, from early experiences to a contemporary perspective. It also aims to analyze and discuss museological strategies for electronic art exhibitions as well as for interdisciplinary exhibitions involving art, science and technology. In this discussion we question not only the innovative functions of these spaces for electronic/digital art, but their necessary functions as promoters of processes for preservation and archiving. The panel comes from broader discussions among artists and researchers, many responsible for curatorial and exhibition projects, from the second and third generation of Brazilian Electronic Art in Latin America.

    Keywords: Brazilian Electronic Art, Expography, Museology, Pioneers, Archiving, Art Laboratories, Digital Art, Latin America.

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