“Emerging Architectures in the Virtual Scape: Architecture of (Im)possibilities” presented by Gondeck-Becker and Bermudez


Session Title:

  • Emerging Architectures

Presentation Title:

  • Emerging Architectures in the Virtual Scape: Architecture of (Im)possibilities




  • Digital space is an electronic medium that serves as an artificial environment for architectural work. At least two different architectural conceptualizations of this electronic world are available:
    1. digital space is a studio for the development and testing of architectural products aimed at classical reality. Classical reality is understood as the natural and sociophysical world wherein we carry on our lives. In this interpretation, digital space depends on the rules and laws of the physical world and its value is tied to being a (representational) instrument for worry free experiments and simulations. Utilizing digital space as a studio continues the historical tradition of using depictions to design, describe, reflect, or document buildings aimed for classical reality.

    2. digital space, a reality of representations, is also a virtual place with nature, functions, aesthetics, order, etc., not necessarily following or referring to classical reality. In this immaterial world, people may work, meet other people, seek entertainment, find and generate information, etc. According to this interpretation, architecture should play a major role in the conceptualization, organization, and design of such an alternative reality. In other words, digital space is an environment in its own right that has no other justification than offering alternative experiences, structures and events to those of classical reality.

    In this presentation we will investigate the potential of architecture within a digital space understood in the last sense.

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