“Experimental Music as Sympoiesis: Inventing (Sonic) Worlds with ‘Song Cycle for Symbionts'” presented by Jude


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  • Experimental Music as Sympoiesis: Inventing (Sonic) Worlds with 'Song Cycle for Symbionts'




  • ntroducing: A Multimedia Performance About Symbiosis
    Song Cycle for Symbionts is an audiovisual composition for processed voice, analog electronics, and improvising ensemble. The evening-length piece explores sonic collaboration through the trope of biological symbiosis. Earth’s varied ecosystems involve complex relationships between myriad species. Often the mutual reliance of these organisms means that, while humans may consider them as separately, they cannot in fact exist without each other. Symbionts include iconic such pairs as the anemone and the clownfish. Such organisms range from the exotic (the leafcutter ant and the basidiomycete fungi it cultivates) to the mundane (homo sapiens and our life-supporting intestinal microbiota).

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