“Exploring Rural Territory as a New Medium” presented by Pisano


Session Title:

  • Media Politics of the Local

Presentation Title:

  • Exploring Rural Territory as a New Medium




  • Among the most relevant phenomena of the last years, knowledge economy has risen in importance. Seen as a development strategy for over-territorial growth, it is strictly linked to the change of vision from global to local and it is strongly influenced by the competitive rules of globalization, among which we can find distinctive elements of a territory that represent an essential benefit. Rural areas, that often suffer for competitive disadvantages in terms of infrastructures, services, knowledge and opportunities, are anyway characterized by some strongly connotative elements such as living sustainability and cultural identity. It is possible, therefore, to consider a vertical overview that is not conventional and alternative to stereotypes or rural tourism, and that is achievable not only through increasing the value of cultural, historical, productive and environmental richness of one territory but as well through improving all peculiar resources of a territory, starting from its history always allowing new languages and new ways in order to preserve and hand them down.

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