“Some Initiatives in Pervasive Games in the State of Santa Catarina” presented by Araujo


Session Title:

  • Media Politics of the Local

Presentation Title:

  • Some Initiatives in Pervasive Games in the State of Santa Catarina




  • Focusing on pervasive games, we compare the performative actions of three groups.

    Influenced by Allan Kaprow’s Happenings and by Augusto Boal’s Invisible Theater, Grupo ERRO follows the line of performances in the tradition of the group Fluxus. Its familiarity with the concept of dérive and of the psychogeography of the Situationist International enabled the group to identify strategies of action, urban space appropriation and displacement, which are confused on the streets with passers-by. The group, coordinated by Pedro Diniz Bennaton, has regional affinities with collective activists of Brazil, like Grupo Laranjas, of Recife, Empreza, of Goiás, and GIA, of Bahia, and also of Latin America, in the actions of H.I.J.O.S. In the urban scenario, which constitutes the group’s stage, improvisations are at the same time protest and entertainment. The interventions build a situation with the public and the street, and confuse reality with fiction, questioning certain social standards, like the one of mental sanity in Carga Viva.

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