“Faux Pas” presented by Nutbean

  • ©ISEA2016: 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art, Lee Nutbean, Faux Pas


Presentation Title:

  • Faux Pas




  • Abstract (Poster)

    Over recent years’ mobile communication technologies have enabled capitalist networking algorithms to quietly penetrate our daily lives, becoming an integral component in the shaping of our identity. We no longer have sole agency over the presentation of self, as our everyday cycles of impression are laminated together to form a synchronized sphere of monetized data. Where total public transparency has become the default setting, and privacy glass is an alternative ‘tickable’ option. Faux pas is an always-on intervention to contaminate the oil of the personal information economy with a foreign body of demonetized labour. The live performance openly submits my personal sphere of ‘life – my quantification, my autobiography and my social media persona – to be publicly curated, socially edited and playfully embodied by others to collectively transmit a faux performance of self.