“FILE Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletronica” presented by Perissinotto


Presentation Title:

  • FILE Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletronica



  • With this tale we tell the story of the International Festival of Electronic Language (FILE). From where did it emerge? FILE was born in 1999, on the internet. And soon organized its first exhibition, at the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, in August 2000. One of the projects – which we announce here and now – is to make publicly available the documents and material we have accumulated over 20 years in a single, reliably encrypted, online archive which will be as dynamic as the content that it aims to sustain and preserve. We already have a name for it: FILEALIVE. Who knows, maybe in this way we can preserve the traces left by our technology and leave a legacy, while in some way reformulating what is traditional in art, in the sense that we deepen and strengthen the relationship between art and technology.

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