Session Title:

  • Glitch and Noise

Presentation Title:

  • fmiDmsHK




  • Abstract
    This paper proposes an audio-visual performance artwork for ISEA2016 version by using datamoshing video and converting that video signal to audio.

    Project Description
    fmiDmsHK is a real-time audio-visual performance artwork. This performance system consists of hardware for converting the component video signal to audio, and software for easy control of the “datamoshed” image.[1] “Datamoshing” primarily refers to the inappropriate use of a video file compression technique that is used when saving videos in a computer. This produces a new representation that was not in the original video file.[2][3] Datamoshing is able to make a drastic change from an original video. Fig 1 is the original image and datamoshed image. The fmiDmsHK meanes For Musical Instruments with Data Moshing Sound in Hong Kong.

    Thematic Statement
    Datamoshing exploits the nature of video file compression techniques for artistic purposes. The complexity and unpredictability of results means that we have not seen the full potential of such techniques. Datamoshing exposes an alternative aspect of video file compression. The authors believe that we do not deeply contemplate the mechanisms of various equipment and systems used in everyday life. Intentional misuse of these devices and systems —such as to create this work— can be misunderstood as mere error simulation. Instead we propose the aesthetic appreciation of error and randomness so as to become more aware of the mechanisms of various equipment and systems used in daily life