“Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso: Ecology of Practices” presented by Ptqk, Pihet, Fruchtnis and Mahé


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  • Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso: Ecology of Practices




  • If we want to give ecology its rightful place, it is necessary to reconsider our approach to knowledge. Instead of limiting ourselves to an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary vision, we should speak of ecologies of practices or compositions of knowledge. This perspective invites us to consider disciplines as part of complex and ever-evolving ecosystems with which they must negotiate and adapt. These ecosystems are made up of cultures, practices, professions, institutions, interests, motivations, procedures, statuses, and representations that are extremely diverse, and these disparate elements mean that there is no single model of composition.

    However, despite the inevitable singularity of knowledge composition projects, it is possible to share experiences to gradually build a common ground to cultivate. This task is vital, as composers need to break down the barriers of their practices and venture off the beaten path. It is not a matter of starting from scratch in the history of knowledge, but rather of inheriting it while finding ways to dehierarchize the relationships between arts, sciences, and society, and placing them at the center of our activities rather than on the margins.

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