“Foresta Inclusive: Work-In-Progress” presented by Tingley


Presentation Title:

  • Foresta Inclusive: Work-In-Progress



  • Foresta Inclusive is a technologically (Internet) connected indoor and outdoor art installation that links the ecosystem of a forest through a solar powered sculptural sensor hub, to an art installation within a gallery. The project will include collaboration with climatologists and historians affiliated with ‘Environments of Change’, a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Partnership Grant. The artwork will use collected historic data found in dendrochronological core samples from trees alongside live sensor readings, in order to create an in-gallery interactive experience where the movement of the viewer body can explore the historic and lived realities of the ecosystem of the Herstmonceux forest located in East Sussex, UK. This project proposes to make perceptible to the human senses, the slow and subtle movements of trees and surrounding ecology, in order to find ways to create a context for in-gallery human/forest interaction and collaboration. This work is not meant to replace real life experiences within a forest, but rather to materialize the often-invisible life movements of the forest and to use technology as a tool to give voice to nature within a human cultural environment.