“Forensic love and visceral data: bio-antidote for romantic love” presented by Vilca and Peña


Session Title:

  • Sound, Data and AI

Presentation Title:

  • Forensic love and visceral data: bio-antidote for romantic love




  • Forensic Love and Visceral Data is an art project that claims the urgent creation of a bio-antidote, a biomaterial, performative-ritualistic-scientific-medical, to cure (us) of romantic love and eradicate this chronic pandemic. A disease, a linguistic virus, the malware that constitutes one of the basic pillars of patriarchy, diluted in songs, sayings, and compliments. The raw material of the bio-antidote(s) is our visceral data, which is obtained from the contrast and verification of romantic love sayings with some medical analysis techniques hacked into their significance and interaction (dose/spell indication) with the participant-patient. Then, each bio-antidote is created from the data and matter of the “sick” organ that is the one that has received and assimilated the curse of romantic love. Medical protocols will be followed to identify and treat the disease: Diagnosis, Creation of antidote and finally Dosing, dividing the project into three stages. Our preliminary diagnosis is that the language being a virus enters the body from an initial point to expand and affect the different organs. The project begins by analyzing these popular sayings, the internal programming of romantic love and its physical effect on our emotional body. These are the symptoms of the disease called “love”, but they are not just ours, they are the choral symptoms of our sick society. Then, analyzing our social fabric, we respond, returning to it, not only the possibility of a cure with a bio-antidote but also its dosage as indications-spells, created from the same sayings that will be re-evaluated through social networks. This performatic dimension of the project allows us to hack our body-minds and at the same time decolonize the western medical tradition, making fiction with it, creating a body performative narrative. A DIY/DIWO/DIT epigenetics, a methodology/declaration of war that mixes scientific-medical and ritualistic protocols.