“From Interactivity to Playability” presented by Leino


Session Title:

  • Games and Play

Presentation Title:

  • From Interactivity to Playability




  • This paper discusses the similarities and differences between participatory, interactive, and playable art. It suggests that computer games can provide novel perspectives on interactivity in interactive art. The paper also proposes that the implications of computer games to interactive art extend beyond whatever purpose and value computer games are perceived as having as products of popular culture.
    Museums and symposia have opened their doors to computer games. The MoMA collection in New York includes computer games, and for several years ISEA symposia have had sessions dedicated to games. This is not surprising, since computer games and interactive art share a number of characteristics related to, for example, their technological underpinnings. The relationship between an audience and an interactive artwork is in many respects similar to the relationship between a computer game and its player. These similarities can make it hard to formally distinguish between interactive artworks and computer games, and it is not surprising that the history of computer games can also be viewed as a history of interactive art, and vice versa.

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