“From Representation to Action: How Art Addresses Climate Change” presented by Breinbjerg


Session Title:

  • The Digital Aesthetics of Climate Crisis

Presentation Title:

  • From Representation to Action: How Art Addresses Climate Change




  • During the COP15 climate summit meeting in Copenhagen in December 2009, I was involved in the construction of a public art installation called “Atmosphere – the sound and sight of CO2” that was placed in front of the city town hall.

    Interfacing climate change
    The installation converted data from CO2 measurements at three chosen locations in Copenhagen to sound and visuals presented through headphones and on a 2-meter high, quadrant sculpture that functioned as a transparent, low resolution LED screen. Hereby the public was giving sensuous access to the symbolic villain of climate change i.e. carbon dioxide; and a normally non-sensuous phenomenon suddenly became visible and audible.

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