“CO2nfession / CO2mmitment: Experimental Urban Media in the Climate Change Debate” presented by Fritsch


Session Title:

  • The Digital Aesthetics of Climate Crisis

Presentation Title:

  • CO2nfession / CO2mmitment: Experimental Urban Media in the Climate Change Debate




  • The advanced video installation CO2nfession/CO2mmitment is an example of the use of experimental urban media to facilitate participation, encourage reflexivity and foster engaging conversations about complex environmental issues such as the climate change debate. CO2nfession/CO2mmitment was part of a range of experiments with interactive urban installations to enhance civic communication conducted at the national research center, Digital Urban Living (DUL), at Aarhus University.

    The installation was developed as part of the exhibition CO2030 in Aarhus. The exhibition was organized by the municipality as an opportunity for the citizens of Aarhus to get inspiration and good advice on how to decrease the emission of CO2 on an individual level. As part of the exhibition, CO2nfession/CO2mmitment specifically aimed at putting a personal face on the climate change debate both in the exhibition space and throughout the city. The video setup encouraged and displayed the production of user-generated content and narratives in relation to climate change and environmental sustainability.

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