“Gagging in Dystopia” presented by Kannar-Lichtenberger

  • ©ISEA2016: 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art, Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger, Gagging in Dystopia


Session Title:

  • Climate Change

Presentation Title:

  • Gagging in Dystopia




  • This installation explores the discourse surrounding the Anthropocene, climate change and the evolutionary impact this time will have on our planet and our biosphere. I convey messages relevant to the process of time and change by working with the photographic image, text, sound, water, performance, installation and film. This work uses connections of art alongside science to explore two islands (both of which I have visited) namely the Galapagos Islands and Lord Howe Island. Both groups of Islands, sitting at the centre of my investigations, are World Heritage listed with tourism restrictions and so should have in place mechanisms to maintain the best possible environmental future.

    This installation explores how these islands reflect on how humans in the Anthropocene are impacting on the biosphere. This work embraces the current dispersal of pollution, notably plastic and plastic debris into the oceans gyres and works, to create awareness of these issues. By considering the plastic that we touch every day, my examination works to raise our consciousness about its disposal.

    Gagging in Dystopia works through the interaction between the worlds of art and science, here I explore evolution in the Anthropocene, a harbinger for the future of our human interaction on this earth; I work to use my art as an agency for change.