“Genomix Mask: Examining the Complex Relationship Between Genes, Epoch, and Aesthetics.” presented by Pataranutaporn, Ngamarunchot and Mihaleva


Session Title:

  • In Between the Cracks (Short Papers)

Presentation Title:

  • Genomix Mask: Examining the Complex Relationship Between Genes, Epoch, and Aesthetics.




  • Genomix Mask is the collection of masks fabricated by a collaboration between AI and the authors. It intends to tell four ages of the world: Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Plantationocene, and Chthulucene. In the beginning, people can use technological power to extract resources and wellbeing from the world. However, over extraction and exploitation emerged and negative consequences existed. Therefore, Donna Haraway proposed us to make kin with nature. Authors interpret “making kin” by infusing DNA of humankind and animals (i.e. iguana, monitor, virus, and octopus) as a representative of nature. Ironically, to reconcile between human and nature, we need help from an ‘Artificial’ Intelligent (AI). To some extent, it says that it is an un-thought of ours. How AI contributes to this work? It learns heat-map of DNA and styles of animal organism and then generates many infused patterns that we can use to recompose as a mask.

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