“A Cognitive Vernacular for the Internet of Things?” presented by Buzzo


Session Title:

  • In Between the Cracks (Short Papers)

Presentation Title:

  • A Cognitive Vernacular for the Internet of Things?




  • As the spread of engineer culture is embossed upon the minds of those increasingly ordering and interacting with their lives and that of the lives of others (for the current zeitgeist of  technology is to mediate and interpose in rather than directly enable communication between people) the world is walking to the beat of a new drum of cognitive hegemony. Just as there is a vernacular in architecture, an awareness of the value of difference, locality and diversity in our shaping of our physical world. This paper proposes I that we can look to a future we would like, that we may prefer, that we may want to have the option to choose for our future environments. That we can conceive of a vernacular for the interaction design of the future of smart objects.

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