Geopolitical Subjectivity


Session Title:

  • GeoPolitics and Activism

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  • Geopolitical Subjectivity



  • (Long paper)

    Keywords: New media, new media art, aesthetics, geopolitics, politics.

    Rhetorics conceived in geopolitically powerful contexts fail in allowing for the different relationships between art and politics that appear in the periphery. This paper analyzes this from a framework of cognitive capitalism. We identify a need for a sociopolitical vocabulary in new media art rhetoric that takes into account the geopolitical context. By reproducing the center–periphery model, peripheral art is reduced to a dichotomy proper of the modernizing discourse and to the arduous task of developing a replacement of the stories that constitute “the other”. Nevertheless, we argue that it is possible to assert the existence of both a distinct reality and the parallel construction of a language that transcends the re-reading of international tendencies from a local or “localist” perspective.

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