Tomás Laurenzo Coronel

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  • City University Hong Kong, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, and Universidad de la República of Uruguay


  • School of Creative Media and Computer Science

Job Title:

  • Assistant Professor


  • ISEA2013

    Tomas Laurenzo, Laboratorio de Medios, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay.


    Tomás Laurenzo is an artist, designer, researcher and computer engineer, born and based in Montevideo, Uruguay. He works mainly in the new media art and human-computer interaction fields, tending to include new technologies in the artworks and tools that he creates. Although he has a rich experience working independently in both public and private sectors –working or having worked for many companies and institutions from Uruguay, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Mexico and the USA– he is now Associate Professor (full-time, tenured), at the Computer Science dept. of the Universidad de la República of Uruguay, where he is the director of the recently created media lab –Laboratorio de medios– of the Engineering School, as well as being Associate Researcher at the Center for Basic Research of the School of Psychology, Visiting Professor at the School of Architecture, Researcher at the National Agency of Research (ANII). Since 2011 he is Research Fellow at Microsoft Research. He has also performed artistic and academic activities in several foreign and local institutions including Carnegie Mellon University of USA, Brunel University, West London, INRIA Institute of France, the ALFA academic network of the European Union, ORT and IUAS Universities of Uruguay and Uruguay’s Ministry of Education and Culture, among others. He has publications in the areas of New Media Art, HCI and mobile robotics; his artworks have been shown both in Uruguay and in foreign countries.He holds a degree in Computer Engineering and a Master of Computer Science (done under the direction of Dr. Sergi Jordá, Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona, Spain, and Dr. Eduardo Grampín, University of Uruguay), titled new media art, both from Universidad de la República. He is a PhD. candidate, working under the advice of Dr. Álvaro Cassinelli (University of Tokyo)


Current Location:

  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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