“Gesture, Sound and Place” presented by Alsop and Pedersen


Session Title:

  • Sonics

Presentation Title:

  • Gesture, Sound and Place




  • Keywords: sound, space, place, interaction, gesture, interactive art, workshop

    This paper discusses two multichannel interactive audiovisual artworks, “Action A/V” and “SoundLabyrinth”, that explore approaches to the experience of gesture, sound and place. Both works were situated in a geodesic dome frame and built within the Max, Ableton and Max for Live computer programs, and produced ostensibly similar outcomes, however the approaches taken by the two authors differ in intention, processes, and philosophy. These approaches were presented and discussed in workshops delivered at ISEA2013, on Sunday June 9 and Monday June 10 2013. In these workshops participants improvised with the two systems, both through moving in the dome and by operating the related software, and discussed approaches and understandings of the three terms listed in the title of this paper.

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