“Global Archiving Network: The 2nd Summit Case Study Report” presented by Wong


Session Title:

  • Summit on New Media Art Archiving: Papers - Connecting Archives

Presentation Title:

  • Global Archiving Network: The 2nd Summit Case Study Report




  • One of the primary functions of an archive is to act as a repository to store essential documents and records throughout history, consequently, these stored archival materials can help us re-imagine a collective memory of the past. With rapid changes in the dissemination of information in recent years, the conventional ways of archiving may not be able to capture all the essential records of our time. This is especially concerning in regard to new media art archiving. Many recently created important new media artworks have been disappearing without being archived. If this issue is not addressed, we may lose a significant part of our cultural heritage. To respond to the issue, archives worldwide have attempted to approach the problem collectively. This paper is a report on a proposed study presented at the Second Summit on New Media Art Ar-chiving at ISEA2022, taking the Summit as a case study to review the progress made in connecting archives worldwide.