Greyworld: Sound Installation


Session Title:

  • Evolution 2.0

Presentation Title:

  • Greyworld: Sound Installation



  • Greyworld is a group of sound installation artists based in London. The group consists of 3 artists from different artistic backgrounds: music, visual arts and crafts. In Greyworld’s work, the human is a central part of the Sound Installation and becomes integrated into the heart of the creative process. Their art is created in the main for public space where the highest degree of accessibility is guaranteed.

    Greyworld was formed in Paris in 1994 with their first exhibition, Le Lait, in the 13th arondissement. Other important installations in 1996 were Les Echos de la Gare in the South of France and Shopping in Forum les Halles, Paris. Greyworld’s work has since been exhibited throughout Europe, much of which has appeared in print and on television. In 1997 Greyworld created The Layer, a sensitive floor surface that translates movement into generative music. The Layer was first installed in Greenwich Foot Tunnel during the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival in July 1997 and in the Barbican Art Centre. Since these events, The Layer has been shown all over Europe using SSEYO’s generative music software as its musical engine. Greyworld’s latest multiple, the Layer SE is a small sensing surface for the home.