GridCosm: A Tunnel of Visual Conversations


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  • Art and Robotics

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  • GridCosm: A Tunnel of Visual Conversations



  • GridCosm and Sito

    GridCosm is a collaborative Internet art project by Sito Electronic Arts. Sito is a pioneer community of digital artists who have been developing collaborative projects since 1994. It started as an FTP site, and evolved into a rich web site hosting digital galleries, discussion forums, and many unique art projects, conceived, programmed and designed collaboratively by its participants, which are spread all over the world. In 1996, Sito’s project HyGrid won a Prix Ars Electronica in the net-art category.

    Inspired by HyGrid, another project called GridCosm ( was launched in 1997, and over a hundred artists have contributed more than eight thousand images during its five years of existence. GridCosm is still going on and more images are added to it everyday.



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