“Hackteria and Bioelectronix” presented by Gracie and Dusseiller


Session Title:

  • Workshop Papers

Presentation Title:

  • Hackteria and Bioelectronix




  • Hackteria is a collection of Open Source Biological Art Projects instigated by Andy Gracie, Marc Dusseiller and Yashas Shetty with the aim of developing a rich resource for people interested in developing projects that involve DIY bioart, open source software and electronic experimentation. Hackteria encourages scientists, hackers and artists to combine their expertise, write critical and theoretical reflections, share simple instructions to work with lifescience technologies and cooperate on the organization of workshops, festival and meetings.

    The majority of our work so far has been under the label ‘Bioelectronix’, a marriage between the bio and the electric, or to be more succinct the locus at which the biological and the technical can meet, or collide. We embrace the idea that technology, applied correctly and intelligently, can be a valuable tool for the investigation of the organic world around us, and especially the microbiological world that remains largely hidden. A second, and maybe more important aspect of the Hackteria ethos is that our techniques, our discourse and our products are open source.

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