“Hackitectures: Reordering Physical Spaces, Electronic Flows and Social Bodies” presented by Moscatel


Session Title:

  • Interdisciplinar Platforms for Coexistence

Presentation Title:

  • Hackitectures: Reordering Physical Spaces, Electronic Flows and Social Bodies




  • Keywords: Hacker, Architecture, Hybrid Spaces, Electronic Flows, Social Bodies, Geolocalization, Free Software and Hardware.

    The a point architectural gap between the real and the virtual from the point of view of inhabiting is a field of study within the branch of the Hackitecturas – driven by the need of the technological subject to be a participant in the transformation of the places that he inhabits. The current emerging society, the society of information and knowledge, begins to demand changes where spaces for social reality are appropriate to its needs. From here, architecture – the science that deals with the organization and production of the space we inhabit -, has to reach a transformation in development of its concepts and goals in order to organize and produce new spatialities. In order to do that, architecture it self generates the need to begin to connect with other fields of knowledge, getting to know, imagine and create the new habitants.

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