“Homezone” presented by Wimberley


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  • Media Spaces/Personal

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  • Homezone




  • Homezone is a walk around the perimeters of my ‘Homezone’, an area in which I can make cheaper telephone calls, defined by the German O2 mobile telephone network and based on my residential address. On the course of this journey I have been documenting what lies directly outside and inside my Homezone, the familiarities and the foreign. I have been collecting objects, thoughts and images from the people and the places that are encroaching into my territory or sitting on my doorstep, piecing together a (sometimes irrational) narrative that documents this journey and the way in which we perceive our neighbouring environments. This experience has been placed alongside theoretical research, and a variety of interviews with architects, historians and politicians that address the sociocultural and political implications that surround the project.

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