“Rupture” presented by Green


Session Title:

  • Media Spaces/Personal

Presentation Title:

  • Rupture




  • Our memories are fragmented and incomplete. We create narratives to bridge the gaps between actual remembered occurrences and imperfect memories. Sometimes the narratives constructed distort and replace the memories that we originally had, and knew to be true, or at least relatively true. On a national scale, these narratives can lead to the creation of myths and fables, a process both creative and destructive. (Said, 2002) On a personal level, these narratives leave us with a mash of overlapping truth and fiction.
    Within a geological metaphor, this mash could be visualized by a series of overlapping tectonic plates, constantly moving in slightly different directions, and abrading against each other. A process that resembles the fragmentation and fracturing the earth undergoes during the occurrence of the natural processes we call earthquakes. The earth, as it undergoes the stresses of the constant movement of the underlying mantle leaves traces (memories) of its past. It is a trace of violence, of disruption‚ Rupture creates a digital record of these disruptions.

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