“Humanoid Robot Magic: Various Responses and Communication” presented by Yang, Jeong and Baltes


Session Title:

  • Human-Robot Interaction

Presentation Title:

  • Humanoid Robot Magic: Various Responses and Communication




  • This paper describes the system design of Robinion a robot magician. In particular, we focus on Robinion’s personality traits. One of the research goals is human robot interaction. A good magic trick includes good presentation to increase the enjoyment of the audience. Magicians often use various personalities in their performance to adapt it to the audience. We describe Robinion’s sophisticated traits and communication system that allows it to present different personalities during the performance of a magic show. A magic trick is broken down into a discourse plan which may include speech, gestures, or actions. We call each step in a discourse plan a speech act. Each speech act in the discourse plan is labeled along various dimensions. The system selects a suitable response by calculating how well the speech act matches the magician’s current personality and the current state of the discourse. So Robinion can keep the audience interested, even when repeating a similar trick.