Hybrid Aesthetics: Art as Dynamic Signification


Session Title:

  • Art and Robotics

Presentation Title:

  • Hybrid Aesthetics: Art as Dynamic Signification



  • EMITTO.NET is a Net-based cultural resource created by Chilean-born new media artist Carlos Rosas and Brazilian-born artist and writer Simone Osthoff. This project, to be launched during the conference in Nagoya, is designed to act as a catalyst for digital cultural dissemination, interdisciplinary collaboration, critical inquiry, and artistic experimentation. It features the streaming of video lectures and performances; critical articles, news, reviews and interviews; a gallery of Web art organized by guest curators; and links to international partners with emphasis on Latin America. Understanding art as a dynamic of signification and a participatory critical practice, EMITTO.NET enables the creation of meaningful connections among often disparate, unequal, and unexpected partners, exploring artistic practices that are hybrid, non-linear, multimedia, intercultural and interdisciplinary. In analogy to the conference theme ORAL EMITTO.NET acts as a generative frame for the dissemination of content and the development of electronic literacy, continuously raising questions about art, society, and the relevance of cultural agency in a digital age. As technologies emerge, are adopted, and become viable, an ever-widening range of possibilities and questions have opened up. Artists can create, and more importantly self-publish, in a range of dynamic media. Among these is live broadcasting via the Internet, which has recently gained momentum and is raising a multitude of questions by challenging institutional structures and parameters in academia and elsewhere.




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