“Morphing Gender: Transitional Forms in Artistic expression” presented by Suzuki and Oki


Session Title:

  • Art and Robotics

Presentation Title:

  • Morphing Gender: Transitional Forms in Artistic expression



  • The presentation focuses on gender and transitional forms of artistic expression. Specifically, how the role and the meaning of gender as well as its representation with in the field of arts has changed. This representational shift has been partially leveraged by the lack of gender clues evident with online communication on the Internet in 1990s. First of all, we chose an appropriate word to express this change by looking at technical terms for computer graphics. The most appropriate word we thought for this was “morphing. ” Morphing is generally known as a technology to express transitional forms of two different faces (images) in computer graphics. Two faces (images) are synthesized with in this software resulting in a third relatively unique face (or image). The morphed face (image) draws upon the first two for its “data” but looks different from the two originals. What if we were to apply this technique theoretically to synthesize faces of man, woman, intelligent machines and anthropoids? We might be able to see unique faces of our transitional culture.


    Full text (PDF) p. 167