Hypermontage: A Montage of an Interactive Moving Image


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  • Interactivity and Communication

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  • Hypermontage: A Montage of an Interactive Moving Image



  • The cinema as an audiovisual form of art will undergo significant changes in the next few years. Today in the Internet we find only the first experiments based on interactive cinematic expression. The development of interactive cinema is far slower in its cultural process than in its technical development. Changes in the contents, form and narration of interactive cinema require extensive changes in the cultural and social media sense on the deepest levels of conveying, expressing and understanding messages interactively.


    The technical solutions of producing and distributing the digital moving image are developing fast globally. At present, interactive cinema is taking its first steps in information networks, and digital television, with its new services, will replace the analogue television system entirely before long. The borders of traditional media are disappearing, as seen both from the technical and communicative perspective. The consumer will use more and more information and media services, such as interactive cinema services available in the digital information networks in future.