IART: A Model for Computer Based Art


Session Title:

  • Computer Art and Curatorial Issues

Presentation Title:

  • IART: A Model for Computer Based Art




  • My Paper/Presentation will deal about IART in general, IART’s LAB and the use of IART for computer art conservation.Something about IART. IART stands for Intersubjective ART and it presents a model for computer based works of art. IART was initiated in September 2010 by Bill Spinhoven van Oosten. What is IART’s mission:IART’s mission is the creation of Art that is capable to maintain and develop itself physically and mentally. Art that is capable to easily interconnect with people, social networks and similar works of art across the globe.Art that can learn from its interactions. Art that will have relations with people, institutions and businesses. In short Art that will behave much more as a subject instead of an object.
    In order for this kind of art to evolve over a longer period of time it has to be robust enough to last for many years. It is this robustness that makes IART an ideal model for computer art conservation.Research into the use of IART for computer art conservation is currently conducted by the NIMk. This paper/Presentation will report about this research and give the final or preliminary results of this research.Proposals for further research are currently made and submitted by the University of Amsterdam and The University of Twente.

    In order to let IART easily reach out to potential developers a Cooperation with the department of Pervasive Systems at the University of Twente was made in November 2010. As a result of this cooperation IART can use the research lab of the faculty.Parts of the development of IART have been integrated as projects into the curriculum of the University.The paper will go into detail about IART’s lab.

    Finaly the paper/Presentation will invite the reader to participate in IART’s development if he or she beliefs this would create  synergy.