i.joog-poesies du salaire tv


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  • Fiction and Writing

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  • i.joog-poesies du salaire tv



  • monsieur baudelaire je fais des excuses, votre fleur ne suis pas mauvais du tout, it est hors de mar que vos fleurs viennent”  -i.j.oog, des excuses au baudelaire du wagga wagga australie

    A frustrated, would-be French hypertext poet with a lubriciously imperfect grasp of the language who was born at least half a century too late, Australian based i.j.oog is nevertheless an expert on love (unrequited lost impossible)… Whilst is moot whether love is such an appropriate subject for art – it is a historically proven obsession of poets, hypertext or otherwise, as well as those who produce prose which threatens to become a poem… A discussion of the oeuvre of i.j.00g with specific reference to curious clique of digital artists based in the Australian town of Wagga Wagga with which oog is closely associated. These include experimental sound/noise exponents minus eleven error and the multimedia artist Dan Zero.