Ifu Elimnyama (Dark Cloud)


Presentation Title:

  • Ifu Elimnyama (Dark Cloud)




  • Ifu Elimnyama is a recital of a piece of literature written by Russel Hlongwane that fuses Zulu mythological figures as agents from the fourth dimension. These figures (imincwi) have travelled through spacetime to deliver messages to the Zulu people who lost their culture when they lost connection to the ‘’cloud’’ which is their repository of all their histories and collective memories. They are desperately needing to reconnect with the (dark) cloud in order to unlock their connection to uNomkhubulwane (the Zulu goddess of rain) through the (dark) cloud by means of laying a fibre network. History is a contested space and this work uses Zulu history and mythology as ingredients to reposition Zulu mythology in modern parlance through the vocabulary and activities associated with digital ‘’customs and/ or rituals’’.