Presentation Title:

  • Illuminant




  • Illuminant is an interactive installation which visitors can scribble and display 3D optical trace of user inputs in three dimensional spaces. This installation is consisted from two boxes. One is a 3D input device ‘3D IN’ and the other is a 3D display device ‘3D OUT’.

    3D IN box is provided with three cameras on its top three corners. Users put an optical ‘wand’ and scribble 3d shapes in the box and record its movement and colors in 3D. Full-color LED is attached on the tip of the wand and cameras in the box record its movement and colors in 3D.

    3D OUT box is a 3D display consisted from layers of LCD filters and a projector. Each of LCD filters turns white when electricity is turned on and displays the projector image on it. An electronic controller controls these LCD filers and the focal range of the projector to scan the box vertically to create a 3D illusion.

    Scribbled 3D shapes are stored in a database and visitors can browse other people’s scribbled 3D data.