In Contact with the Process: Comings and Goings within Digital Art Practice


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  • Online, Brain, Process

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  • In Contact with the Process: Comings and Goings within Digital Art Practice



  • The research of the creative activity as a process through which the subjectivity of the artist is constructed led to the identification of periods of non-production, experienced by the artist as ‘nothingness’. Nothingness, banality and repetition are explored in this presentation through artworks of Performed photography, multimedia and animation. In the research I carry out at Central Saint Martins College (UK) I am examining the experience of the creative activity as a process of subjectification within digital art. The process of the creative activity was initially experience as a series of events, a connection of time and action. The frustration of the artist with time not connected with action was expressed in the research diaries: non-production periods were perceived as nothingness. An exploration of the gaps in the art production led to the acceptance of this pre-action period as inherent part of the activity of the artist and prerequisite for action. Since then these pre-action periods of idleness, banality and nothingness were investigated through the art practice of the artist. Repetition, Performed self-portraiture and exaggerations of the canon of the process have been explored as strategies of the artist. Methodology Methodological approaches for the research include self reflexive methodology and grounded theory. The theoretical background is based on Foucault’s manifestation of subjectivity, phenomenological accounts of time and discourses surrounding autobiography and performativity.


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