Interactive Storytelling


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  • Ensad

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  • Interactive Storytelling



  • Panel Statements

    ALL DAY PANELS at the Ecole Nationle SuperIieure des Arts Decoratifs

    Co-organised by the Atelier de Recherches Interactives (ENSAD) [Interactive Research Studio] and the Industrial Design Laboratory for Interactivity at the Universite Paris 8-UFR ARTS with the help of CIREN.

    This forum is aimed at taking stock of a dimension, which from now on be vital to interactivity — its ability to create a new form of storytelling. Multimedia, networks, CD-ROMs, games and systems are where the new figures, procedures, aesthetics and economy of storytelling are emerging.
    The question of interactive storytelling unites disciplines that are ordinarily separate — not only literature, opera and cinema, but also artistic installations which, over the last few years, have underlined the dimension of storytelling. The notion of interactive storytelling also concerns the fields of graphic arts, design, museography, media and games.

    Part one:
    Jacques Morizot (moderator) – Interactive Storytelling: Language and Writings


    • Jean-Pierre Balpe, writer and professor at University Paris 8, France
    • Anne Cauquelin, university professor
    • George Legrady, Artist and Professor, Art Department, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA. On the self-organisation of a collection.
    • Francois Soulages, professor at University Paris 8, France. On the question of transfer.
    • Liliane Terrier, University Lecturer, University Paris 8, France. On the Ubersicht model.

    Part two:
    Maren Kopp (moderator) – Interactive Storytelling: Picture and Mechanism


    • Raymond Bellour, Director at the CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique), France
    • Jean-Louis Boisssier, Professor at University Paris 8, and ENSAD (L’École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs)
    • Anne-Marie Duguet, Professor at the University Paris 1, editor of CD-Rom collection Anarchive
    • Timothy Murray, Director of Graduate Studies in Film and Video, Cornell University, USA. On Storytelling and memory.
    • Grahame Weinbren, Film maker, author of interactive installations, editor of Millenium Film Magazine, School of Visuel Arts, New York, USA. On Frames and Tunnels: Some Grammars for Interactive Narrative.
    • Jacques Morizot, Assistant Professor at University Paris 8, France
    • Maren Kopp, Assistant Professor at University Paris 8, France