“Interconnecting Archives: Paving a Path Forward” presented by Mitchell, Mahajan, Wilson and Grau

  • ©ISEA2022: 27th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Bonnie L. Mitchell, Alexa Mahajan, Luis Wilson, and Oliver Grau, Interconnecting Archives: Paving a Path Forward


Session Title:

  • Summit on New Media Art Archiving: Invited Talks

Presentation Title:

  • Interconnecting Archives: Paving a Path Forward




  • The concept of connecting information from various repositories of information has been around for quite a while, yet most online new media art archives exist independently without direct connections to each other. Programmers working on the ISEA, SIGGRAPH and FILE online archives have been collaboratively developing a system to link information about the people and art events documented in their respective archives to each other. This initiative will extend to include the Archive of Digital Art and Ars Electronica archives, as well as other archives, once the prototype is completed. This panel will discuss the challenging process of developing interfaces, building APIs, and working with wikidata as well as the process of analyzing, sanitizing, authenticating and modifying databases containing information about people and new media art events.