Intérieur: a multi sensory immersive experience


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  • Interactivity and Immersion

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  • Intérieur: a multi sensory immersive experience




  • This paper documents Intérieur, a dance-and-media live performance specifically conceived for an immersive fulldome environment, created by the digital performance group kondition pluriel. Presented as the inaugural event of the Satosphere, a new dome-shaped theater in Montreal, this artistic project intermixes a virtual immersive image and sound environment with live performance and culinary arts. Engaged in victual consumption and social rituals, the public becomes an integral part of a multi-sensory happening involving several senses: taste, touch, vision, smell, hearing, and movement. The paper discusses the methodologies and artistic research undertaken towards the conception, development and implementation of a dramaturgical structure incorporating live performance, choreography, social rituals, savory delights and the experience of an immersive media environment, in order to provoke extreme states of sensorial empathy in the spectator. The text focuses on the creation process in this multidisciplinary project, the technological framework, the virtual scenography, the preformative strategies and the project’s artistic context.
    It describes the steps that had to be taken to develop the central element of the work: the hyper amplification of the inner state of a woman with mental disorder and psychotic behavior. In the piece two live performers are incorporating one personality. The dome is used as a magnifying glass, as a huge organ reflecting the brain and the internal psychological state of the two performers, engaging the audience into a strange feast, an immersive experience that explores the possibilities of what one can describe with “trompe sense”, an attempt to create a total visceral experience for the audience. The author argues that with this type of artistic explorations new avenues of hybrid converging and diverging realities can be critically examined and a new sense of space and place, of object and subject can be displayed.