ISEA – Annual General Meeting


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  • ISEA – Annual General Meeting



  • THE ISEA98 SUMMIT at the ROYAL NORTHERN COLLEGE OF MUSIC Chaired/hosted by Anthony H. Wilson of Factory Records, Granada TV, and the Hacienda. INCLUDING ANNOUNCEMENTS ON FUTURE ISEA SYMPOSIA

    ISEA, the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts, is a non-profit international organization whose membership and collaborators consists of a wide range of individuals and institutions involved in the creative, theoretical and technological aspects of electronic arts.

    ISEA’s Mission

    The aim of ISEA is to establish and facilitate inter-disciplinary communication in the field of art, technology, science, education and industry. ISEA advocates a culturally diverse community, which stimulates a global promotion and development of electronic art practices. The Inter-Society fosters such communications by means of an International Advisory Committee, an on-line network; a monthly newsletter and endorses the International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA’s most vibrant and visible activity.

    ISEA’s Symposium

    The founding of the Inter-Society was the result of the First International Symposium on Electronic Arts that was held in Utrecht, Netherlands in 1988. Since then, year after year the ISEA symposiums have attracted a gathering of international participants to present new media research, exhibit artworks and actively debate and exchange on art and technology. The symposium became an annual event in 1992 to fulfil the growing need and interest from the ISEA community. The symposium has developed into a successful vehicle for the emergence and circulation of philosophical, social, artistic and scientific discourse. Hosted by a different city each year the location of the symposium is selected by the ISEA Board of Directors based on application by potential hosts.

    Utrecht, Netherlands (FISEA, 1988)
    Groningen, Netherlands (SISEA, 1990)
    Sydney, Australia (TISEA, 1992)
    Minneapolis, USA (FISEA, 1993)
    Helsinki, Finland (ISEA94)
    Montreal, Canada (ISEA95)
    Rotterdam, Netherlands (ISEA96)
    Chicago, USA (ISEA97)
    Liverpool & Manchester, UK (ISEA98 )
    ISEA Headquarters

    Founded in the Netherlands in 1990, ISEA moved its Headquarters to Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1996. The HQ is committed to reflect the multicultural and multidisciplinary activities of our members by extending its networks and providing a diverse range of benefits to the membership. The HQ has a dynamic, multilingual staff who coordinates and administers ISEA’s virtual and physical presence. Our team manages the membership network, provides information on international activities and upcoming symposiums, manages ISEA web site and newsletter as well as develops projects in collaboration with our growing network. The doors are open to all proposals or initiative going along ISEA’s main goals. Do not hesitate to contact us!

    Director: Alain Mongeau
    Information & Administration: Isabelle Painchaud
    International Relations: Maria Stukoff
    Development & Promotion: Eva Quintas
    Online Projects: Jodoin Isabelle Maria Valerie
    International Board

    The ISEA HQ is under the constituency of an International Board whose members are voted by the membership. For the duration between 1997-1998 the Board members are: Peter Beyls (Belgium); Amanda McDonald Crowley (Australia); Tapio Makela (Finland); Alain Mongeau (Canada); Simon Penny (USA); Wim van der Plas (Netherlands); Cynthia Beth Rubin (USA); Patricia Search (USA); and ex-officio John Brady (UK), Shawn Decker (USA), and John Hyatt (UK). Two additional committees shape the organizational guidelines: the ISEA International Advisory Committee (IIAC) and the Cultural Diversity Committee. Membership Support ISEA’s activities by becoming a member!

    Benefits for members

    ISEA’s monthly newsletter; more than 10% discount on ISEA Symposiums registration and proceedings; inscription on ISEA’s web repertory listings; access to ISEA’s electronic databases and archives; 20 % discount on subscription to Leonardo Journal, the Journal of the Society for the Arts, Science and Technology (ISAST).


    Membership good for one year. All taxes included. Regular Individuals 80 $ Institutional (Including 3 memberships) 270 $ CDN Students 40 $ Your membership contribution will in part be directed to our Cultural Diversity Fund supporting multicultural and multilingual initiatives. Our listsery is also available for open discussions for members and non-members.