ISEA International Annual General Meeting


Presentation Title:

  • ISEA International Annual General Meeting



  • The Annual General Meeting is an opportunity for ISEA to report on current and future activities and for the community to offer its comments and advice. Following an introduction to the general direction that ISEA International is taking at this time, there will be a presentation by Montreal, ISEA2020, discussing the experience of our first delivery a largely virtual symposium. This will be followed by presentations about ISEA2021/22, ISEA2023 and ISEA2024, followed by a concluding open question and answer session. ISEA2021/22 Barcelona, Catalonia Theme – The Possible The main Symposium will be in 2022, but we are hoping to also mount a smaller virtual event in 2021. ‘The Possible’ is openness and movement, a horizon of change that unfolds and organizes the world. ‘The Possible’ started with the polis, the city, and is political by definition. ISEA2023 Paris, France Theme – Symbiosis ‘Symbiosis’ is an interaction between two or more different organisms living in close physical association. ISEA2024 Groups making proposals to host ISEA2024 will then present their proposals. These include Brisbane Australia, Shenzhen, China, and Taipei, Taiwan.