Kinship and Disembodiment in Mediated Cloud Spaces


Presentation Title:

  • Kinship and Disembodiment in Mediated Cloud Spaces



  • This panel explores the idea of human and machine sentience as they pertain to art practices. Sentience makes new media art unique because it is a pathway to a different understanding and approach to time, space and the body. But, is machine sentience the same a biological sentience?

    “From the Orrery to the Cloud: Precursors and Foundations of Sentience in New Media Art” is a reflection by Steve Daniels on how the history of technology and media systems and corresponding shifts in cultural metaphors interact to create artworks that make meaning through sentience. “Mediated Networked Selves – New modes of Human and Machine Sentience?” is an exploration by Alexandra Bal of the historical roots of cybernetic, telematic cultures in order to ascertain how new modes of human and machine sentience currently emerging are an evolution of our culture. She discusses the potential dangers of a world where machines and embodied sentience are incomprehensible to disembodied humans. Lila Pine explores Go’gmanaq which examines our kinship with new media technologies. In “Creature Quality in Kinetic Art” Kathleen Pirrie-Adams shows how the behavior of kinetic art moves the audience away from the field of vision into a phenomenological field of experience. It explores how movement invites identification and establishes the ‘creature quality’ of human-made entities.