Microscopic Otherness and Signs of Sub-molecular Sentience


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  • Microscopic Otherness and Signs of Sub-molecular Sentience



  • Human interactions with the microscopic realm and below are mediated by a suite of wonderfully complex apparatuses. These technologies are not passive observational instruments, instead they arguably create the very phenomena scientists are seeking to observe — as the champion of experimentalism Ian Hacking stated, ‘to experiment is to create’. Working with such devices, whether in science or art, challenges classical notions of objectivity. These talks examine issues surrounding subjectivity and objectivity in terms of creative practice, and the uneasy state that exists between epistemology and ontology across art and science, drawing upon the theories of Don Ihde, Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, as well as Ian Hacking, Anton Zeilinger and Karen Barad.