Kritical works in SL


Presentation Title:

  • Kritical works in SL




  • Artists Statement

    The virtual world of Second Life has been in existence since 2003. A growing number of artists and designers have continued to specifically work with SL building tools and programming language to explore the potentials and limitations of the platform itself. Is there is a maturing of the languages and spaces within SL? Is there a commonality of approach and emergent experience?

    We intend to invite up to 10 major artists with different SL interests to construct a site on Kriti Island under the theme of ‘Reality Jam’ for an SL presentation at ISEA2008. These projects will be the responses of an international set of experienced ‘inWorlders’ such as: Luna Bliss (Virtual World Designer), Robbie Dingo (Sound Designer), Angrybeth Shortbread (Multimedia Designer), Wanderingfictions Story (Interactive Media Artist), Lime Galsworthy (Media Artist), Chingaling Bling (Games Designer), and Bi Hifeng (Performance Artist).

    The new works should identify new approaches that are emerging when interfacing between real and virtual space with a particular focus on the virtual presence of the audience. E.g. Aldous Eastkew and Kami Gentil are to contribute “Dancing across the virtual divide” using technologically mediated performance where the ‘stage’ is a fluid place, a bridging mechanism between physical geographic spaces, the corporeal and the virtual, and the enforced hierarchical relationship of audience and performer. Participants of all abilities are invited to dance across the virtual divide by engaging in play and performance simultaneously on Kriti Island and in the real world.

    To further extend the interface between Kriti and ISEA we would like to position wandering robotic devices/avatars/humans with web cams, in both worlds, to create an infinite feedback mirroring effect. These documenters will enable the ISEA viewers to experience the Kriti works and give ISEA exhibits an SL presence on our island.