“Último esfuerzo rural” presented by Simons and Bosch


Session Title:

  • SPARK exhibition Artist Presentations

Presentation Title:

  • Último esfuerzo rural




  • Artists Statement

    Spark Exhibition

    Último Esfuerzo Rural (‘Last Rural Effort’) was premiered in Valencia at the Ensems festival of contemporary music, in May 2004. It is composed of two rather different installations. Both produce sounds, big or little, always coarse, sensitive and individual. One part consists of maximum nine giant zambombas (lions roars), made of barrels, measuring 1m 30 and played by pneumatic cylinders. The other part is hayforks which scratch on metal plates or glass. Both machines have such a peculiar sound world, that its origin cannot be other than the countryside. A feeling which comes out of the deepest interior, like the braying of a donkey. The hayforks make up a small machine with a long-range energy radiation while the barrels, on the contrary, compose a grotesque machine with a relatively small energy radiation (when not amplified). The minimum with the maximum performance, or the maximum with the minimal performance, the result is similar: in this paradox poetry is born.

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