“Laboratories and Digital Experimentation Centers in Ecuador: First New Technologies Art Experiences” presented by Ruiz-Martin


Session Title:

  • Archiving Digital Heritage Panel

Presentation Title:

  • Laboratories and Digital Experimentation Centers in Ecuador: First New Technologies Art Experiences




  • Keywords: Art & New Technologies, Experimentation Centers, Ecuador, Creation Labs, New Art Practices

    The Ecuadorian art circuit is feeding on a plastic artists generation based on pictorial practices inherited by modernity for years. They achieved great national and international recognition and even nowadays they occupy privileged places in the most important Ecuadorian art fairs. However, a new generation of artists is abandoning traditional art practices to approach different ways of art making. This change comes hand by hand with the arrival of digital technologies to Ecuador in recent years. On one hand, younger artists have a growing interest in using new media for their creative processes and, on the other hand, different private and public institutions are betting on creating centers and labs for creative experimentation. They are using digital technologies like fab labs, media labs and university laboratories. Considering this, we will analyze the organizational models, the media, the concerns and the needs of the institutions mentioned above. Also, we will address, copyright management and its relation to the social sphere. All of them are relevant data related to the core of current participatory practices. This talk, will allow us to generate a cartography of the new paradigm in the Ecuadorian artistic creation, and, its connection with other international realities.

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