“Latin American Forum Legacy” presented by García-Bravo, Infante, Londoño and Burbano


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  • Latin American Forum Legacy




  • The Latin American Forum was a platform for transdisciplinary and transcultural presentations, lectures, and exhibitions. The forum was operational for four years in the framework ISEA, International Symposium on Electronic Art: ISEA2010 in Germany, ISEA2011 in Turkey, ISEA2012 in the USA and ISEA2013 in Australia. Since the conception of the Latin American Forum, one of the goals was to prepare for hosting an ISEA colloquium in Latin America. Thanks to the efforts of a group led by Universidad de Caldas finally ISEA is hosted for the first time in Latin America, this year in Manizales, Colombia.

    The Latin American Forum was a series of venues that intended to articulate a diversity of proposals ranging from topics such as digital culture, technological art, critical production and historical analysis. The forum also addressed the science and technology studies (STS) field, questioning geographical, cultural and critical perspectives. Latin American Forum participants came from: Argentina, Australia, Australian Aboriginal Communities, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Navajo Nation, Peru, Uruguay, USA, and Venezuela.

    This paper is divided in four sections; the first one is a historical recount of the different Latin American Forums. The second one is a reflection about the importance of the local references in the field of arts and technology. The third one presents a theoretical framework that is a response to Media Archaeology and the last one focuses on the concept of fragment in order to describe and understand Latin American reality.

    Keywords: Latin American Forum, Latin America, Variantología Latina, Cybernetics, Media Art, Media Art History.

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