“Los Venenos”: Theater as a Poly-Perceptive Experience


Presentation Title:

  • “Los Venenos”: Theater as a Poly-Perceptive Experience




  • LOS VENENOS is an art-piece of collaborative and multidisciplinary work presented by the theater troop “Pata de Conejo” original from Manizales city in(Colombia), it is proposed as an experimentation lab in the field of performing arts; involving architectural concepts, space design, multimedia design, literature, sound design and life music performance, all to the construction of a mise-en-scène. A set of layers, characters and paces consistent with the surrealistic wave is proposed through the conception of a free version of the namesake tale “poisons” from Julio Cortázar, in which characters and narrative places find context in Colombia. This art-piece aims for a hybrid setting in which perception is achieved by multiple ways of communication, as appointed by Martina Leeker: in “espacio poli-perceptivo”. “LOS VENENOS”’ goal is the interaction with the viewers and their emotions. The stimuli that the stage offers form the visual, sound, expressive, narrative and scenic point of view, give a widen context which allows each individual to make particular readings of the piece according to his or her specific interest. This way new dynamics of communication, construction and perception are generated.